Pre-Intervention Counseling
Personalized Intervention Care
Post-Intervention Recovery Options

CCM's leader, founder, and chief interventionist is Michael Appel. Alcoholism and drug addiction shattered his family, and almost cost him his life. For the past 25+ years, Michael has been a tireless advocate and recovery innovator.

Michael has created the CCM team with specific protocols that parents, spouses, employers, and guardians have relied on for more than 15 years. CCM's addiction professionals will guide your loved one from intervention, to recovery, and into the new life that everyone deserves. CCM's addiction and recovery services include:
  • Pre-intervention counseling
  • The intervention itself
  • Post-intervention recovery options
  • Aftercare
  • Case management

CCM has access to a global network of recovery resources and vast experience helping individuals recover from all forms of addiction.

Michael Appel
CCM Founder / Chief Interventionist
Michael Has Conducted Hundreds Of Interventions Throughout The World. He Is Available To Answer Any And All Questions - 100% Confidential.

On The Front Lines Of Addiction Treatment For 25+ Years

Not only is Michael a sought after clinical interventionist and crisis manager, he personally experienced long-term recovery from an addiction. Michael's personal journey from his father's 30+ years of sobriety, to his own brother's drug-related death, adds an invaluable perspective and compassion when he is helping addicts, alcoholics, and their families walk through the recovery process.

Going Where He Is Needed

Michael has served the recovery community by going where he has been needed most:
  • Recovery work, with homeless alcoholics and addicts at the Ramsey County and Hastings
    Detox Centers in Minnesota
  • Post-arrest recovery work with law enforcement officials
  • Staff member, Hazelden Foundation

A Groundbreaking Drug Diversion Program

Michael designed, developed The Substance Abuse Diversion Initiative of Lowell (SADIL), where he served as the program director. This groundbreaking program encouraged law enforcement officials to divert chemically dependent individuals into different modalities of treatment instead of jail. As part of the program, Michael trained over one thousand Lowell, MA, police officers at the Cross Point Police Training Academy on addiction, and on ways to successfully change their focus from incarceration to treatment. Michael also facilitated substance abuse groups for the Department of Corrections in Middlesex County for many years.

Hundreds Of Interventions Around The Globe

Michael specializes in crisis-based interventions. He has performed hundreds of interventions for addicts across the U.S. and around the globe, including: France, England, Germany, and Cambodia.

For 15+ years, Michael has been the preferred interventionist for some of the best treatment centers on the planet. When they need someone to manage a crisis, they call Michael and his CCM team.


Michael earned a BA in History from Boston University, and holds an M.E.d. in Counseling Psychology, with a focus on addiction, from Cambridge College, Boston. His graduate thesis focused on innovative family crisis intervention methodologies.

Michael and his family reside in Boston and Miami.