Alcohol And Drug Addiction Impact Us All, Regardless Of Affluence, Educational Achievement, Or Celebrity

Many CCM clients come from families of wealth and prominence. Social standing, I.Q., and net worth do not protect anyone from the devastating disease of addiction. Access to money and possessions can actually fuel addiction, and contribute to an even greater degree of family dysfunction.

Michael and the CCM team specialize in cases where acute emotional, physical, and material damage threaten to impact the health and wealth of generations to come. Time to ask for help? Call CCM – we understand the unique family dynamics involved with the disease of addiction.

We work closely with the family, help troubleshoot the destructive patterns, and help guide everyone towards long-term recovery.

CCM's extensive crisis management includes direct collaboration with law enforcement, security personnel, trust administrators, counsel, hospital staff, and individuals in domestic situations scarred by abuse, estrangement, fear, anger, and hostility.

Parents, spouses, employers, and guardians rely on the CCM team to conduct interventions for alcohol abuse, drug addiction, eating disorders, gambling addiction, sex addiction, and other disorders.

Expert Intervention

Recovery begins with the "pre-intervention" process. First, CCM communicates a firm plan of action to the addict's family, friends, colleagues, and/or professional counsel. Then, our experts execute the intervention itself, keeping the overall focus on the addicts safety, security, and the priority - recovery!
CCM's customized care and case management services support the addict and the family, helping start the process of long-term recovery.

Facility Placement

Not all drug, alcohol or behavior rehabilitation facilities are created equal. Let CCM help you navigate the complicated recovery world, and advise you on the most beneficial environment for your loved one.


Working with the family, CCM arranges for the most appropriate transportation services for the addict to and from the rehabilitation, treatment, and/or detoxification facility. This may be down the block, or around the world - CCM has done it all. CCM has the experience and assets to accommodate any situation, regardless of geography, celebrity, or security issues.


Intervention, facility placement, and detoxification are just the beginning of the recovery process. This is why CCM offers a unique set of aftercare services that are designed to help the addict transition from the rehabilitation environment back into his or her daily life. CCM customizes creates aftercare programs for the individual, including:
  • One-on-one counseling
  • 12-step programs
  • Relapse prevention groups
  • Specialized medical care
  • Recovery based psychological therapy
  • Additional treatment work
  • Court- or work-stipulated recovery programs
  • Satisfaction of insurance-related requirements

Case Management

CCM case management services address the long-term needs of addicts and their loved ones through ongoing monthly meetings, assessments, and support work. Our team works closely and carefully with the recovering addict to fine-tune the aftercare program to meet their evolving recovery needs.

We also counsel families and friends on the vital self-care issues that can arise during the loved one's recovery process.
“Thank you for your guidance and balanced approach to such a difficult situation"

- Anonymous