From Assessment to
Case Management

As soon as the CCM clinical interventionist is engaged, a sense of structure, calmness, and control can be delivered to what can be a chaotic time for those in the addict's life. Whether or not the addict needs help right now the following steps outline the methodology that CCM employs to help all involved walk through a successful intervention.

Michael and the CCM team will be there every step of the way, to help recovering addicts make the best decisions for themselves.


The first step in this process involves the CCM team making a thorough evaluation of the addict's situation, and then delivering the healthiest options for the next steps. CCM will lay out the best possible plan, help design a team of professionals best suited to the circumstances, arrange all transport, and develop any necessary contingency plans. This all takes place in a safe, reassuring environment which helps clients get to know the CCM team.


The addict may have wreaked havoc with family, friends, and colleagues. This can sometimes lead to emotions taking over when discussing inervention, causing dissension within the family about the right intervention approach. This is why a carefully orchestrated pre-intervention meeting is critical. At the meeting, CCM will review the entire intervention plan with all involved, set expectations clearly, and alert all to potential challenges.


The day of the intervention is always a challenging one for both the addict, and the family. At this stage, CCM's thorough assessment and pre-intervention protocol have created a clear plan of action, and firm measures of success; the clinical intervention team is in place, and travel and facility planning are complete. Leveraging our expertise and compassion, we create a caring, understanding, and well-structured environment so that the addict can make that critical leap of faith into recovery. If the addict is reluctant - as is often the case - our carefully crafted contingency plans give us well-rehearsed options.


Intervention and rehabilitation are just the beginning of the addict's recovery journey. CCM's customized aftercare programs help the addict transition smoothly and safely from a rehabilitation environment back into their daily life. Michael and the CCM team work closely with the doctors, counselors, treatment staff, and loved ones to design an aftercare program which provides the addict the best opportunity for long-term success. CCM specializes in integrating recovering addicts into local 12-step programs, professional relapse prevention groups, psychological therapy, and court or employment stipulated programs. Even after they have integrated back into their lives, we will continue to monitor their recovery, and adjust the aftercare program to meet evolving needs and challenges.

Ongoing Case Management

The journey through recovery can be a rocky one, especially in the first days, weeks, and months. CCM's case management services address the long-term recovery needs of addicts and their loved ones through ongoing monthly meetings, assessments, and support work. We also counsel families and friends on self-care issues that arise during their loved one's recovery process.
“The chaos and turmoil in our family was directly related to our beloved son's chaotic battle with drugs and alcohol and our futile struggle to reach him. The crisis was clear. Michael Appel's calm, knowledgeable, firm but non judgemental approach to intervention opened the door for long overdue compassionate discussion and planning."

- Marcia H. Boston