Scott Gorman

Director of Private Client Services

For 22 years, Scott has been a sought after interventionist and recovery coach. His personal and professional experience, compassion, and highly effective counsel has positively impacted the lives of those battling addiction, and their loved ones. As CCM's Director of Private Client Services, Scott leverages his unique experience – and his own 35+ years of sobriety - to create comprehensive intervention strategies and treatment plans for clients.

Whether it an executive, a student, a professional athlete, or a person of note, Scott is laser-focused on that individual's short-term safety, the most appropriate actions necessary to arrest the addictive behavior, and the ultimate goal – a happy and sustainable future free from addiction. Scott and the CCM team around him work directly with clients and their loved ones to identify and address the corrosion caused by that individual's alcohol abuse, drug addiction, eating disorder, gambling addiction, sex addiction, spending or trust-related behavioral liabilities.

Scott has worked as an interventionist consultant for a variety of high-profile organizations, including 5 years with the National Football League Players Association. Additionally, he spent 9 years with the Indianapolis Colts in a number of key leadership roles. He holds IC&RC certifications as a Certified Intervention Professional (CIP) and as a Certified Peer Recovery Specialist (CPRS). He has served as a panelist and guest lecturer for The American Bar Association National conferences focused on addiction intervention and recovery.

Scott and his wife Courtney have two small children and reside in Traverse City, Michigan.